Defining How Claims Are Managed with a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Lacey, WA

by | Aug 3, 2018 | Workers Compensation

In Washington, workers’ compensation claims are filed as soon as the worker reports the injuries. The employer and the human resources department manage the claims directly and ensure deadlines are met. Workers are notified about the final decision through the mail. A workers’ compensation lawyer in Lacey, WA provides legal assistance for workers after they are denied benefits.

Who Determines If the Worker Is Eligible?

A claim’s adjuster is assigned to the case after the claim is submitted to the insurer. The adjuster is required to investigate the claim and determine if the worker followed all company policies during the accident. They must also determine if the employer is accountable for the injuries and failed to provide a duty to the worker.

Next, the adjuster determines if the worker is eligible for monetary benefits through workers’ comp. The eligibility requirements are outlined in the specific policy. However, a worker who has a serious injury that requires surgery or some form of ongoing treatment is typically eligible for the benefits. If the worker suffered a loss of limb or organ function, the policy might provide a lump sum settlement.

What Is Involved in Processing a Claim?

First, the employer must send the worker to an ER or urgent care facility to receive a medical assessment and treatment. The worker’s medical care is covered initially under the policy. All additional treatments are covered if the worker’s injuries are eligible. The doctor’s findings are reported back to the insurance carrier within a ten-day period following the medical assessment.

How Are Legal Claims Managed?

The worker needs all medical records related to their on-the-job-injuries. Any witnesses that saw the accident happen are deposed. Any surveillance footage of the accident is collected from the employer. All evidence is added to the claim, and motion is filed.

In Washington, workers’ compensation claims help workers collect compensation after they are injured while working. The claims assist with all medical requirements related to the injury and could offer monetary benefits. A local helps workers file a legal claim at any time that they are unable to receive workers’ comp benefits. Workers who need more answers can contact us to speak to a workers’ compensation lawyer in Lacey, WA right now.

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