How an Attorney Who Understands Workmen Comp Law in Burley, ID Can Help You

by | Dec 19, 2018 | Workers Compensation

Any employee who has been injured or ill because of an incident at work normally will be approved to receive workers’ compensation for the injury or illness. It doesn’t always work out that way, however, because issues can arise that will cause the workers’ compensation benefit to be denied or temporarily delayed. A law firm that practices workmen comp law in Burley ID understands that these issues happen and is available to help injured employees receive what is rightfully theirs. Here are some things that attorneys can do to help clients with workers’ compensation law issues.

What Attorneys Can Do to Help Clients with Workers’ Compensation Cases in Idaho

When workers’ compensation claims are denied, the claimant will have to file an appeal and go before the Idaho Industrial Commission to be heard. This is the time that an attorney experienced in workers’ compensation law can be of great value, enabling the client to get the best possible chance at receiving the denied benefits. The attorney already is familiar with the process of going through an appeal and how to help the client go through the process with as little stress as possible.

More Things Attorneys Can Do to Help Idaho Clients with Workers’ Compensation

At the hearing, the Idaho Industrial Commission will focus on issues, such as the testimony of the client, the medical professional’s expert testimony, and pay stubs of the employee. The attorney can help the client prepare an adequate testimony that will reveal how the client has been wronged. There is only one year after the work-related injury or illness to ensure that the claim is filed, so the sooner the injured employee hires an attorney, the better.

Hiring a Law Firm in Idaho

Many law firms are available throughout Idaho to help employees who have been denied or treated unfairly with their workers’ compensation claim. The Gariepy Law Offices is a law firm that assists clients in the Burley, Idaho area with resolving workers’ compensation cases. If any individuals are looking for a law firm to help with understanding workmen comp law in Burley ID, the law firm is on hand. Schedule a consultation by visiting our website.

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