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Prepare for Court with Child Custody Lawyers in Oswego, IL

When you are going through a divorce or changing the living situation of your children, it can be difficult to navigate all of the legal requirements. Many states have laws in place that offer standard custody and visitation arrangements. These do not work for all families, however. There are often situations that require special arrangements. This may be due to abuse, neglect, or simply a variation in parental availability. A lawyer help to prepare these presentations for court.


There is often a lot of documentation necessary to present to the opposing party or judge. When you want to secure child custody for yourself, you may need to prove why the child is best taken care of in your home. Child custody lawyers in Oswego, IL are experts at organizing this for you. There may also be some documentation necessary that you are not aware of. Child custody lawyers can help you figure out what type of paperwork you need to gather before you arrive in court.

Special Circumstances

There are times when you must make some changes to standard custody orders. To do this, you must prove the need for a change in court. This can be difficult if the other parent is not in agreement. Sometimes work schedules or living locations prevent regular visitation. Adjustments may be necessary to make sure that each parent gets to spend time with the children. Child custody lawyers are great at presenting these situations to the judge in an appropriate way. Contact Cosentino Law Firm, LLC for help with your case.

Child custody is a serious situation. Parents can easily miss out on proper time with their children if arrangements are not made in a legal setting. Take the time to work with a lawyer to make sure everything is settled the correct way.

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