What Family Members Should Know About Bail Bond in Dekalb County

by | Sep 6, 2016 | Legal Services

Learning a loved one has been arrested can create instant feelings of panic. There are so many unknowns in a situation like this and there may be no one around to answer the questions. The detainee won’t be able to talk about the situation, especially not in their phone call from the jail. The police won’t give much information, and the first court hearing is usually not until the following day. Fortunately, there is something a friend or family member can do to ease their stress and get some much-needed information. They can talk to a professional about a Bail Bond in Dekalb County.

Most arrestees are given a bail that will allow them to stay at home instead of in jail until their trial. Depending on the extent of the charges against them, this bail may be too high for an individual to pay out of their pocket. This is where a bail bondsman can be very helpful. When a person gets a Bail Bond in Dekalb County, they pay a portion of the bail amount to the bondsman, and the bondsman uses their own resources to get the defendant out of jail. Unlike a deposit paid to the court, the money paid to a bail bondsman is not refunded after the trial. It is the fee for their services.

Despite this fact, many people would rather pay for a bail bond than allow their loved one to sit in jail if they can help it. With Free At Last Bail Bonds, family members and friends can be sure they will get accurate information and receive the help they need to get their loved one out of lockup quickly. Even though they may feel a lot of stress, it’s important for the people who pay for the bail bond to listen to all the instructions given to them. The defendant must attend all of their scheduled hearings or the bond could be revoked and they will be arrested again. The next time they may not have the opportunity to get out on bail. The court has a duty to ensure the defendants are present at their trial and might make it more difficult for someone who skips court to get bail again.

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