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Wrongful Death Attorneys in Oahu Assist When Plaintiffs Are Asked to Sign Nondisclosure Contracts

Wrongful death attorneys in Oahu must sometimes provide counsel to clients on a troubling aspect of a settlement offer. An example is the request for a confidentiality agreement, also called a nondisclosure contract. The clients would be prohibited from providing any information about the settlement to the media, posting about it on social media, or making it public in any other way. If they violate the agreement, the settlement is null and void.

Important Considerations

This can be distressing to people who have lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence or irresponsibility. They may feel like the insurance company or the corporation making the settlement payment is buying their silence. Wrongful death attorneys in Oahu may advise the client to accept the settlement and sign the agreement so there are no further delays in receiving the financial compensation. As long as the settlement offer is reasonable, this can allow the family to start moving forward.


The family may want the organization called out in public for what happened. Even with a confidentiality agreement, the law firm negotiating the settlement can put the basic results on the website. The organization cannot be named because of the agreement, and, often, the amount cannot be specified either. Nevertheless, the information can specify the type of business that was legally responsible, such as a construction or trucking company. Some details about the person who died might also be included, if the family agrees.

Although this does not directly name the organization responsible, it warns the owners and workers of similar companies of negligent actions they cannot get away with. For example, a national car repair chain cutting corners in the work can lead to serious safety issues. Replacing only a brake line when more extensive brake work is called for is an example.

Narrow Parameters

When an insurer or other organization insists on a confidentiality agreement, a lawyer such as Randal Yoshida makes sure this contract is drawn up as narrowly as possible. That way, there is little chance that the plaintiffs will unintentionally violate the contract. Visit for more information on this particular lawyer.

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